Care Instructions

Every piece of our jewelry is intricately crafted in Egypt from 925 sterling silver or brass heavily plated in 18k gold. Caring for your jewelry ensures that it will look great every time you wear it. Here are some tips on maintaining the quality and beauty of your pieces.

Silver and gold-plated jewelry care tips:
Silver may tarnish and gold plating may fade with exposure to air, lotions, perfumes, bleach and chlorine. To prevent from tarnishing of silver/fading of gold-plating:

• Apply scents and lotions and let them dry before wearing your jewelry.

• Avoid wearing the jewelry while swimming, doing sports, or washing up.

• When not being worn, store the jewelry away from natural sunlight and heat in an airtight bag in the box it came in.

• To keep your silver pieces clean, we recommend that you gently rub the item using a polishing cloth regularly. A silver-polishing cloth is a great tool to make your sterling silver jewelry shine again if the pieces have become dull. However, it will not remove scratches.

Repair Instructions:

To send in your Jude Benhalim jewelry for service, please email info@judebenhalim and include the following information:

> Full name
> Email
> Contact number
> Detailed description of the repair
> Style name (if available) or take a clear picture of the item so that we can identify the style number

Once you forward the above information to our repair service team, we will send you a confirmation email requesting you to send in your damaged piece to our office for repair. Please pack repair item(s) securely to prevent damage during transit. However, we do not return original packaging, so please do not send any repair item with packaging materials such as jewelry boxes or pouches that require to be returned. Once fixed, you may pick up the repaired items or pay for our delivery service to have it shipped to your doorstep.

Customer Repair Shipping Address: 
86, street 36, 4th District, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

*For all customers outside Egypt, please contact info@judebenhalim.com directly for instructions on sending your damaged piece in for service.